Featuring a rotating inner chamber with a rubber vaginal sleeve that is texturized with numerous sensation elements, and two windows on the sides that let you see all the action! This state of the art wireless automatic masturbation tool boasts an ergonomic hand held design and a user friendly control pad, with one powerful vibration speed and a unique rotation feature that adds a whole new dimension to masturbation. To use, simply apply a little lube and insert your rod into the stimulation chamber. Then turn on the stroker and select your rotation. Then lie back and let the Auto Bater do all the work!


Get the best masturbation ever with  Lover Auto Rotation Masturbator Cup for men, a male masturbation masterpiece. It combines the soft, inviting feel of a real pussy with super-enhanced sensations caused by a gripping tornado like rotations around the penis shaft. Thus it exponentially amplifies masturbatory sensations & pleasure and is a must have for every male who craves for the best in sex.
Specifications :
Feature: Powerful real pussy pleasure simulator for all sizes, small, medium and large
Function: 5 functions powerful tornado like rotations with Auto-reversing action Material: TPR FDA Certified & Phthalate Free, Texture: High quality removable inner textured sleeve ideal for both pleasure & maintenance Dual Power mode: USB with Cable for AC power input or 4 AA batteries (not included) Design: Easy grip ergonomic design for desired control and uninterrupted pleasure Use: No fuss two button design, power button & a pattern controller for smooth manoeuvres More about this product: Baile Auto Masturbator Cup for men, amasturbation marvel is internally structured with a soft, textured inner sleevethat staunchly envelopes your penis, for a real pussy like simulation. It sports a powerful rotor with auto-reverse action that generates a tornadolike swirl around the penis shaft accentuating sensations, lending immense andintense masturbatory pleasure. The cherry on the cake is that it comes with a 5pattern controller that delivers variety of never before experiencedmasturbatory sensations, that will unfailingly amaze you every time you desirea blissful masturbation. How to use this product? This masturbationdevice is not only ergonomically designed with an easy grip handle for asafe and uninterrupted use, but also simple to use, with two buttons only, one forstarting and another for controlling the device. Additionally device is conveniently blessed with dual power input modes, you can use it on battery or by plugging into the main power supply using the USB via. cable. This Male masturbation device encapsulates the best in male masturbatory pleasure with innovative functionality and design, boys a must have to say the least.


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