Pink Lady Black Fleshlight Masturbator

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This is the original fleshlight, an established legend in the sex toy community and a veritable part of the modern sex toy canon for men. So how does the Pink Lady work, and why is this fleshlight so legendary in the first place

The Pink Lady Fleshlight features an easy-to-hold casing with an inner ‘sleeve’ crafted from super soft SuperSkin, a skin-safe material that actually looks and feels like a real vagina. That’s because, on the inside, this fleshlight is designed with realistic, rippled and wrinkled textures, with all of the raised ridges and bumps that a real vagina has. It even has realistic lips that welcome your penis as it glides in, and hugs the base as you thrust, applying just the right amount of pressure every time. The fit around the length of the shaft is also extremely comfortable as it fits snugly around your penis and hugs its every contour, without any discomfort whatsoever. All you’ll feel is pleasure, and lots of it. What’s more, the black case measures nearly 10 inches in length, and the interior sleeve measures almost 9 inches to accommodate even the largest penises out there.


If you’ve never used a fleshlight before, you might be wondering how you get it clean after you’ve had your enjoyment. Well, the good news is, the Lady is super easy to clean: The sleeve can simply be removed and washed with water and soap or a special toy cleaner.


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