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Long Stay Silicone Glide

Silicone based premium personal lubricant for longer pleasure.

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Silicone based premium personal lubricant for longer pleasure.

Are you a man in search of a lubricant that’s specially tailored to meet your needs? EROS has just the right thing for you: Long Stay Silicone Glide with sacha inchi oil. The Incas first discovered the oil-rich nut from which this oil is produced. Recent research has shown that they contain a “molecule of happiness”. Combined with our time-tested silicone ingredients, this unique formula improves the suppleness of your penis, while prolonging enjoyment. Look forward to prolonged fun and complete glide pleasure that leaves your skin feeling soft!


  • dermatological tested
  • very economical
  • for use with latex condoms
  • non-sticky and does not dry up
  •  free from preservatives
  •   flavorless
  •   colorless and odorless
  •  extremely long-lasting glide quality
  •   CE mark; licensed as a medicinal product
  •  not to be used with silicone toys or toys made from cyber skin
  • not a contraceptive


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