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 Ever noticed that registration forms in our country have a field called ‘Gender’ and not ‘Sex’! It’s true, we somehow, try and run away from this simple 3-letter word! So why is SEX a taboo in India?

Surprisingly, we belong to the land where Kama Sutra was introduced way before the 6th century by a philosopher named, Vatsyayana. Kama Sutra as we all know is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text which opens the doors of your imagination and enlightens you about sexuality, eroticism and emotional satisfaction in life. Years back, this “taboo” was practiced in our very own country but today, it is something that must not be spoken in public! Strange, isn’t it?We stand as the second most populated country in the world! It is understood that we all ‘do it’ behind closed doors, so why not talk about it openly? Even the children are being imparted sex education in schools. Then why do we shy away from something that is very much around us? We all talk about rape cases, share our views on social media but immediately change the TV channel whenever there’s an intimate scene shown. Its high time that we consider the idea of sex as more open and discuss it healthily and naturally and not something that is merely wrapped in a bedsheet as always

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